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The Brand offers women's, men's and unisex clothing. A new way of thinking gender division in fashion. there is no compulsory clothing specifically for women or men and they can migrate in both wardrobes. The consumer is free to choose (or not) the pieces without a pre-established selection. The pieces have broad, but adaptable models through laces, zippers and moorings and most of them do not qualify for gender, since the brand respects the choice of each one's choice to be what they want to be. An avowed to freedom of expression without justification, freedom of movement and choice without whys. Just the will and the need to use, to be and to act. Unique and individual pieces that will be chosen by unique and individual people who will make them female or male, or give it a new label (or no label at all).

In this specific collection the TYVEK material was used as a form of inauguration of a new thinking, an artistic manifestation. However, the intention is to continue the other collections working with technological fabrics that bring more comfort and mobility to the consumer.

With a view to equality, the brand defends an empowerment of marginalized groups (even if they are not a minority) both in their network of labor and in the ideals of the brand. Sustainability issues are the main pillar, trying to balance the environmental, social, political and economic, we argue that these issues should no longer be treated as a differential, but as the basis of any creator's work.

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Guitar case with  detachable backpack and purse. Made with holographic fabric.


FALL 2016


The Synthetic Dawn Collection is born from inspirations in the album "The Piper at the Gates of a Dawn", the first of psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd.


The extremely synthesized songs and great variations it tell stories from the book "The wind in the willows." Between a forest climate and an urban climate they talk about gnomes, nature, future interstellar, bicycles and machines.


A collection well despoiled, has an androgenic style mixed with pieces that define the female / male body. The mostly neutral colors (black, white and gray) allow each piece of clothing, individually, to fit in various situations. The shade of teal-green blue-green peach brings the psychedelic / progressive spirit of the 60s / 70s. The grayish purple brings a sobriety that links the colorful and the neutral. The only three colors together are a reflection of the distorted dawn colors.


The great innovation of the collection comes in the play of textures: the already known moletom, synthetic leather and fluted mesh play with cloth fabrics, holographic and tulle, bringing an urban sportwear air.

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